18th Hot Loops Wall party!

18th Hot Loops Wall party!


The 18th Hot Loops Wall reveal and party is in the books!  I love each party better than the last.  And this one, in our beautiful new home, enjoying our all of our favorite vices in the company of such cool people, was far and away my favorite so far.

wall tight

Here’s the crowd waiting (patiently?) for us to open.


Everyone got to spin the wheel to see what their party discount would be.


“Ombré” was the watchword of the night, with everyone going crazy for Terrie’s Avant Garde Wrap in Freia Silk Merino Ombré.  And Elizabeth from Vice Yarns was here, with a spectacular collection of all of her hand-dyed yarns, including lots of new Blurred Lines ombré colors.  This easy, one-skein wrap reminds us of our popular Effin Scarf pattern (we can get you a copy with any purchase of Blurred Lines – just email us).


These lovely party guests drove all the way from Dallas, wearing their own works of art!


dallas shawl

And all of the Beautiful People from the Tulsa area were here :)


susan et al

And check out Martha’s sweater in Blue Heron Rayon Metallic – gotta find out what this pattern is.  Love my daughter’s photobomb LOL

martha back

martha front

Our party favor was actually worth more than the price of admission – a set of 10 Koigu mini-skeins!  Tracy designed this slip-stitch headband pattern to show it off.  The pattern includes instructions for a cowl option which requires a mini-set plus one full skein – or just purchase as many full skeins as you like to make your own version!  You could get 4 colors and make 4 headbands or 2-3 cowls.  Endless possibilities.

use this headband pattern

Thanks to all who came to the party.  We’ll be rolling out all of the Hot Loops projects on loopsknitting.com in the coming days…keep your eyes peeled and your needles and hooks ready!

– Shelley


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