Tracy goes public: WIP and stash confessions.

Tracy goes public: WIP and stash confessions.

It takes a brave person to open their deepest, darkest secrets up to the public.

As I’m about to show you, Loops Troops member, Tracy is a very brave person.

In the spirit of National Knit in Public Week, I asked Tracy to share all of the projects she currently has on her needles.  An admitted cast-on-aholic, Tracy has, shall we say, quite a few.  But we know that sharing these may not only relieve some of the guilt you feel for having so many projects, but also inspire you to cast on something new!  We’re sneaky like that.  Mwahaha.


First, and to prove right off the bat that Tracy does finish her projects, this is her Happy Street made with Congdon.  Just bound off, ready to weave in ends.

Next, Visceral made with Taiyo Lace and Habu Stainless Steel.


Tracy is leading a knitalong on Lolita (Thursdays, 5:30pm at Loops South), and this her progress on her version, made with Linen Concerto.


She has another knitalong going Tuesdays at noon, also at Loops South, with this Totnes Tunic in Giotto (free pattern with yarn purchase).


She’s teaching a class on this Gemini Tee, so of course she had to cast on a new one in Ultra Pima.


To complete her wardrobe-to-be of WIPs (works in progress), she is making this Basic Shell in Mesa.


And then there is the nameless blanket she’s making Maciel, the two winter cardis she put in hibernation until fall, and the Tumble Cardi she’s about to cast on in Prism Euroflax.

Now, here’s where it gets really dark and even more secret.

Next, in a moment of unprecedented courage (and perhaps just a little pressure from me), Tracy agreed to share photos of her stash.  You know how you all feel so guilty about that one bin of unused yarn hiding in a closet or under your bed?  Well, behold the stash of Tracy:

stash_bookshelf stash_loopsbag stash_shelf

And these are her knitting books:


Plus a little more yarn on the top shelf:


Now, don’t you all feel just a little bit better?  And don’t you all feel the need to cast on something new?  Yeah, we thought so.  And we know a couple of places you can find a great new project.

storebottomright utica

- Shelley

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  1. A girl after my own yarny heart! She does have more books than I do, though. Casting on another project, Elfe ( tonight. Happy knitting!

  2. Michelle says:

    Okay this scares me a bit, since I think my stash may be twice that size…I think it is time to start knitting!!!!

  3. Tracey,
    Thank you for sharing your projects, I too am a castonaholic. I know I should be able to stop but God help me, I don’t want to. There is no shame in loving fiber. I am not hurting anyone. You could say I am a “green knitter” in that I always repurpose the yarn.

  4. Katy Greenfield says:

    Loved the look into the projects and stash. Makes me feel better about the shell that sat on some needles for 20 years. I did finish it last summer. I have several things on needles now and know I will always find more to do. Fun page.

  5. Wow! I do feel a lot better! Hehe…..Although it does inspire me to take on a few more projects! & still needing to tackle some organization….Always a WIP! ;)

  6. michele lasker says:

    Tracy, now that I’ve seen your stash, you should come and see my stash!
    Missed you yesterday at the store. I came by to replenish!


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