Yarn review: Ella Rae Lace Merino and Araucania Huasco.

Yarn review:  Ella Rae Lace Merino and Araucania Huasco.

This week, Loretta reviews two closely related yarns:  “Lace Merino” from Ella Rae, and “Huasco” from Araucania.

I consider these yarns “kissing cousins.”  Both have the same weight and twist and great saturated solid colors as well as lovely variegated colorways.  The Araucania Huasco is 100% merino, and the Ella Rae Lace Merino has the superwash factor added to its 100% merino base.  I am happily surprised that I can’t “feel” the difference between the two.

My first project with this yarn was the Jeweled Cowl.


It’s been a favorite at the shop for over a year now, and it still winks at me every time I go in.  Placing beads on the yarn was easy; the tight twist of the yarn prevented splitting as I applied the beads with the crochet hook.  One of these days, I’m taking this project home!  Just warning you Shelley…if it goes missing, you know who to call first.

I then knit Magrathea with the Lace Merino and loved every minute of it–the yarn has a bounce to it that makes for smooth, even-paced knitting.  Since the fabric was drapey right off the needles, I wondered how it would take the blocking necessary to open up the lace.  No need to worry, the yarn behaved beautifully and has held its shape without losing its softness or drape.  It’s one of my favorite projects.


So when my daughter asked for a scarf to showcase her love of the Pittsburgh Steelers, I was excited to be able to pair the golden Huasco with the black Lace Merino in the Pendulum shawlette that’s currently on my needles.  Being a Philadelphia Eagles fan, this project might have taken a long time to knit if I wasn’t knitting with a great yarn.  But this is such a treat to knit with, it is flying off the needles.  And just so you know, if my daughter ever leaves this scarf here at home, it will be my Bumblebee Scarf, not the Steelers Scarf!


Jeweled Cowl and Magrathea each take just one skein of either yarn, and for Pendulum you will need 2 skeins (1 of each color).  See Loops’ extensive selection of Lace Merino here, and Huasco here.

I’ve got a sweater quantity of this yarn stashed.  I’m thinking maybe a Featherweight Cardigan or an Abigail Cardigan or maybe a Boxy pullover.  Or maybe I just need to stash more of this great yarn!


  1. Is the green shawl Ella Rae, I would love to get some of that in that green color!

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