Boston Boys: Two My Mountain hats.

Boston Boys:  Two My Mountain hats.

At Loops, we have been selling the new My Mountain range of Schachenmayr original yarns like crazy.  We decided early on to carry the full line of these yarns, because we really loved the whole concept:  Using washable, affordable yarns in tons of great colors to make personalized, lifestyle hats.

Of course, who could resist the Lumio yarn with its reflective thread?  And the Lova yarn with its pops of neon?  But the best part of the line may be the 40 colors – count ‘em, 40! – of Boston.  There’s everything from naturals to neon, and it’s all a squishy, chunky gauge that makes superfast hats.  Plus, this season, Schachenmayr introduced Boston Style, which is just like Boston, but with a multicolor “mouline” effect.  Not sure what “mouline” really means, but it sounds cool and frenchy.  And it looks great.

Holly, one of the Loops Troops, was especially inspired by the Boston Style colors, and grabbed 1 skein of Boston Style and 2 skeins of Boston, and came up with 2 hats for her 2 boys for Christmas.

Boston Boys Hats – mini stripes version (beige and orange)

holly boston 2

2 skeins of Boston (solid) and one skein of Boston Style will make both hats.  CO 56 on US9 16″ circular needles.  Work 2×2 ribbing (k2, p2 repeat) for 1-2 inches.  Change to #11 needles, begin alternating colors every round, and knit for about 7″, then begin decreasing as follows (switching to DPNs when necessary):

1. (K5, K2tog) to end.
2. K round.
3. (K4, K2tog) to end.
4. K round.
5. (K3, K2tog) to end.
6. K round.
7 (K2, K2tog) to end.
8.(K1, K2tog) to end.
9. (K2tog) to end.

Boston Boys Hat – wider stripes version (beige, grey and orange)

holly boston 1

Work as above, but only knit to 5″ (instead of 7″) before you start decreasing, and instead of alternating colors every row, work this color sequence:

gray ribbing
1 cream
1 gray
2 cream
3 gray
5 cream
5 orange
3 cream
2 orange
1 cream
1 orange
cream for rest of decrease

And if you love making these hats, check out the Magic Mountain pattern – a Loops original by Tracy Keeter.  It’s so fun to work, with the swirls that form as if by magic!

tracy hat back

Into crochet?  You’ll love this Mini Mountain set by Sherri Torrez.  Every little fashionista needs one!

mini mountain

Have fun on the mountain!  You can shop our whole My Mountain range (including tons of free patterns) here.

– Shelley



  1. Peggy Leffel says:

    Got your site from the hates for the boys, but am interested in knowing the size and can they be adjusted for adults? Thank you

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