Reflections on the coolest yarn of the year: Lumio.

Reflections on the coolest yarn of the year:  Lumio.

Yarn buyer.  No doubt it’s one of the coolest jobs on the planet.  Getting to see all the new yarns before the rest of the world, endlessly fondling and petting new fibers…yeah, it’s a pretty cool gig.  I never tire of it, but must admit that sometimes, it all starts to look the same.  Everyone’s doing self-ruffling, or chainette construction, or the hot Pantone colors.

And then something like this comes along and blows my hand-knitted socks off.

Lumio, a soft, bulky, washable yarn from the My Mountain range of Schachenmayr original yarns, does something completely and utterly new:  It reflects light – from a camera flash or more importantly, from a headlight beam.  This amazing feature makes it ideal for runners and bikers who don’t want to give up their passion for fitness when the daylight fades.  This has not gone unnoticed by athleticwear trendsetter Lululemon – rumor is they will be debuting knitted, reflective accessories in the near future.

But for you, my dear knitters and crocheters, that future is now.

Now, stay with me here as you behold the magic that is Lumio.  I made this trendy infinity cowl for my friend and sometimes doubles partner, Jana.  She is a Lulu fanatic, so she always looks adorable, whether playing tennis, running or doing yoga.  Here she is modeling her new cowl outside of our tennis club.

photo 3[1]

Jana is also a huge Oklahoma State fan, bleeding orange all the way down to her shoelaces.  So I knew she would love the very, very bright Lumio orange.

photo 2[1]

Now watch what happens when I turn on my cameraphone flash and take another picture in the bright sunshine.  You can start to see the reflective effect:

photo 1

And now, we move inside and I snap another flash photo.  WHOA!

photo 4

This photo is not retouched, folks.  It really does that.  And yes, it’s really, really cool.

Now, here’s the pattern.  I made the entire cowl while getting my hair done.  (It was a full color and cut, but still, that’s pretty fast!)

Lumio Infinity Cowl

2 skeins Schachenmayr original Lumio and size #19 US circular needles, 32-40″ long

Cast on 100 stitches and twist before joining.

*Knit 4 rounds.  Purl 4 rounds* Repeat from *

Knit 4 more rounds and cast off loosely.  Block very lightly.  That’s it!

I made this cowl to be a companion piece to Mount Yale, one of Loops’ many, many free My Mountain hat patterns.  I really love knitting Lumio on #19 needles, because at that gauge it has a drape and softness that feels like a much more expensive yarn.  You can find the Mount Yale pattern here, and shop the entire My Mountain yarn collection here.  As a My Mountain distributor, Loops carries every color of all 6 My Mountain yarns (though they have been selling so fast, it’s hard to keep them all in stock at once)!


Enjoy the free pattern, and happy knitting!


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  1. Love it!

  2. Noaptea alba a galeriilor, chiar daca anul acesta a fost mai devreme, a venit odata cu vara, la sfarsit de aprilie.

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