Quince & Co arrives at Loops!

Quince & Co arrives at Loops!

Never before has one little ball of yarn generated so much excitement around Loops.

kestrel ball

Because for years now – years! – we have been waiting to become a Quince & Co. retailer.  Since the moment that “Q” was a tiny gleam in someone’s eye.  Since the moment barely a whisper was heard that Pam Allen had a new adventure in the works.  I knew I wanted Loops somehow, some day, some way to be a part of it.  And just as I knew I would, I love everything about the company, from the soft sophistication of the color palettes, to the wonderfully written and beautifully photographed patterns, to the clean and lovely layout of their website…and most of all, the fibers.  The carefully cultivated, thoroughly test-knit, pure-pleasure-to-knit-with fibers.  It is ever so clear that the people behind the Q are not just businesspeople but yarn lovers, first and foremost.


Since it’s spring, we’re starting out by stocking the two linen yarns from Quince & Co.  You know we Loopies love our linen, and these two yarns take our love to new heights of passion.  First is Sparrow, a fingering weight 100% linen that we are carrying in all 18 – yes, that’s 18 – colors.  Thirteen were introduced by Quince last year (see butterflies, below), and they’ve added five more for Spring 2014 (see spoonfuls, below the butterflies).

sparrow collage

This description of Sparrow from the Quincies melts my heart a little:

Sparrow is a plain little yarn, beautiful in its simplicity. Its clean, smooth hand is crisp as you knit it. But after washing and wearing it becomes handkerchief soft. Spun from organic linen grown in Belgium.”

And the patterns for Sparrow…ohhhhh the patterns that have been created in this yarn!  Let me give you just a taste.

“Sparrow” pattern in Sparrow yarn by Pam Allen (find it on ravelry – and be sure to check out the back view):

sparrow by pam allen check out the back

“Shoals Tank” by Carrie Bostick Hoge:

shoals tank


“Scarborough Shrug” by Pam Allen.

scarborough shrug


“Saco Stripes” by Pam Allen:

saco stripes

“Lida Shawl” by Bristol Ivy:

lida shawl by bristol ivy


“Strathcomb” by Jane Richmond:


“Helene” by Veronik Avery:

helene by veronik avery

“Emma Shrug” by Carrie Bostick Hoge:

emma shrug by carrie bostick hoge

“East End” by Alicia Plum:

east end by alicia plum


“Casco Bay Cardi” by Carrie Bostick Hoge:

casco bay cardi

And then there are a couple of Loops’ most popular patterns that would be perfect in Sparrow.  There’s Tumble Cardi:


And Roberta’s Wrap:


Roberta’s Wrap would also work in our other new Quince & Co yarn, Kestrel.  This aran-weight, silky 100% linen is brand-new the season, and we have all 9 colors in stock.

kestrel Hanger-1-5285

2013.10.17 Kestrel Colors and info

Here is how Quince describes Kestrel:

“Kestrel has a ribbon structure, meaning it’s spun very fine and then knitted into a tube that’s flattened to make a yarn that looks like ribbon. One of the benefits of this flat construction is the way in which it shows off linen’s subtle sheen. It also has amazing drape and fluidity.”

Very soon, we will be debuting a new Loops original by Gina Hills, a gorgeous openwork piece.  But in the meantime, let you tempt you with couple of my favorite Quince patterns for Kestrel, “Hudson” by Alicia Plummer and “Davis” by Pam Allen:



While we are not allowed (yet) to put all of these Quince & Co. lovelies on loopknitting.com, we do have a very plentiful supply of yarn, many patterns in beautiful printed form, and these delicious tote bags as well:


We also have a trunk show of Knitbot Linen pieces from Hannah Fetig’s wonderful book.  And most of all, we have the Loops Troops that stand ready to help you, in person or by phone, in selecting the perfect yarn, pattern and size for your next Quince & Co. project.  We are your service via our toll-free number, 1-877-LOOPSOK, during our regular hours.  Or by email, utica@loopsknitting.com, whenever it’s most convenient for you.

We hope to see you or speak with you soon.


- Shelley


  1. Awsome!!! I have been drooling over their yarn for a while now! Yea!!!!

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